About - Earthwear Collection

Handcrafted Earth-inspired jewelry and prayer beads

Earthwear Collection consists of earth-inspired jewelry, prayer beads, and accessories created with an emphasis on the use of natural materials.

The use of these natural material, especially stone, is intended to bring the beauty of the natural world into the daily life of the wearer or user.

In addition to stone, the other natural materials used in these designs include wood, seeds, nuts, roots, bone, horn, shell, and metals. Glass and ceramics are also occasionally used for accents.

I also enjoy creating custom designs just for you. If you have something in mind that you cannot find in my available selections, contact me to see what we can design together.


Kenetha J. Stanton is the designer and creator behind the Earthwear Collection.

She has a deep love for nature and enjoys working with natural materials of all kinds in her creations. She appreciates the groundedness that these natural materials bring.

In addition to the Earthwear Collection, she is also a kintsugi-inpsired artist and writer at A Kintsugi Life (AKintsugiLife.com). She uses the image of kintsugi, a Japanese art form that uses gold-filled lacquer to repair broken pottery so that the repaired object is more beautiful and valuable than the original, as a way of more fully appreciating the healing we experience in the wounds life gives us.

The Earthwear Collection is a division of Chrysalis Wellness, LLC (www.chrysalis-wellness.com).

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